How to make a paper flower ball

These paper flower balls are sooooo super easy.

DIY paper flower ball

I actually made them for my wedding, without really knowing what and where I was going to put them as I just thought they were so pretty.

I ended up coupling them with heart bunting, (which I’ll cover in another blog) and hung them behind the top table, as shown above. They looked really elegant, and are now hung up all around my house.

How beautiful and cost effective it would be to use them as substitute flowers throughout your venue! You could be really creative with the colours, put them on top of vases, hang them around the venue or even make it into a bouquet!

So here’s how to make these really simple paper flower balls

What you will need:

Coloured card
Polystyrene Ball
Pearl topped pins
Flower punch
Super glue

Step 1 

Using your flower punch, start at the edge of your chosen colour card and stamp out a line of flower shapes, trying to avoid going over the edge, or over another stamped out flowers.

DIY flower paper ball

Step 2

On your polystyrene ball you will see a join, this is a great place to start pinning to try and keep the row of flowers as straight as possible.

Take one of the pins, and push it through 2 flowers, one at a time, and then into the polystyrene.

DIY Flower Ball

Step 3

As you make your way round the ball, you will find that it will get harder to keep the row of flowers straight. You may need to do some repining nearer the end to ensure that all the polystyrene is covered.

You can also mix the colours, for example, light with dark, like a cream and purple as below or you can stick to the same colour for each ball.

DIY flower paper ball


Step 4

Once you have covered the whole ball, take a pen and make a small whole for the ribbon to go in. Decide how long you want your ribbon to be and fold it in half so that the 2 ends which you will use to tie the balls are together.

Put some super glue in the hole and using the pen press the middle of the ribbon into the hole and hold it there for a few seconds whilst the glue takes hold of the ribbon.

Leave the ribbon for a couple of house to ensure it’s completely secure and voila! you’ve made your very own homemade flower ball!

I’d love to see what you made and how they looked in your wedding or even just for your house 🙂

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