Madonna’s Wedding Dress when she married Sean Penn is up for auction!

Madonna has never been one to conform, like her or loathe her or believe she should wear more clothes! she has always stuck to who she is and wants to be… and for that I applaud her.

This has been ever so clear in her choice of wedding dresses.

In the mid 80’s Madonna married Sean Penn in this dress…and yes that is a veil on a bowler hat!

madonna wedding dress to sean penn


I’m not over-the-top about this dress, although I do love the tulle skirt, but what I love is that Madonna brought HER to the dress.

If you fancy spending $40k-$60k this dress is currently available to buy on Julien Live Auction now.

So tell me:

  • Have you/would you do something unique to make your wedding dress your own?
  • Do you think wedding dresses should be classic, or used as a basis to create another reflection of your wedding day?

I’d love to know what you think?

Jo xx


Handmade Crochet Wedding Dress

I am a huge lover of anything DIY in a wedding, as you well know. I believe it brings personality and another level of love and commitment to your special day, but I am always a little skeptical when it comes to homemade wedding dresses (unless you are a professional seamstress). I have this image of a duct taped version of a Charlie Brear, which sends shivers down my spine, but I was proved wrong by Reddit user Alkitat.

Alkikat, shared her crochet creation via Reddit and it is by far one of the must beautiful handmade pieces I have seen! I love the way she has paired it was a gorgeous lawn green sash, and the kick out at the bottom makes her look like she’s just risen from the ground like a goddess!

crochet handmade wedding dress

“I crocheted my lace wedding dress on the bus during my work commute for about 5 months. The dress is a pattern I designed with a commonly used pineapple stitch.”

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Winter Wedding Cover Ups

Winter is well and truly here and that also mean it’s time for Winter Weddings.

A Winter wedding can be so magical, especially if you are lucky enough to have snow! But the biggest problem with Winter Weddings, is how to stay warm!! I’ve given you some ideas below for cover ups, which are focused on the bride and bridesmaids as they are usually the ones in the flesh flashing dresses but you could absolutely use these ideas if you are a guest.

Fake Fur Shawl

Coordinating your bridesmaid dresses with the shawls look beautiful, especially against the white of the bride.




Ruffled Blog

Don’t forget the boots if you are in the snow!!

Knitted Shawl

You don’t always have to have to wear fur (fake), this beautiful knitted shawl with matching gloves can look really classy. Matching them against your wedding colours and bouquet really ties it altogether beautifully.




Some brides may want a full jacket to use in between venues, rather than an accessory whilst getting married.


My Stylish Dream





A Bolero is a classy alternative to a jacket, but covers enough to keep you warm. They can come as full or half sleeves, as well as in various material, as well as lace.



I’ve put together a selection of available cover ups on the market now.

image1xl  image1xl (1)



Dollface Vintage Soul – £26



Alex Bridal – £44



Vladana – £56


Alisa Benay – £188

I hope this has given you some food for thought for your upcoming Winter wedding or for a wedding you are attending.

If you need any other help, just pop me a message.

Jo xx

Wedding Gloves – Gloves by Jana

Gloves use to be everyday wear for women, especially to church and weddings but modern day women have moved away from them but there are still brides continuing the tradition.

I love this statement:

“When a woman marries, she is special that day, a princess with privileges. One of the privileges of princesses is to be free from hard labour and using her hands. The gloves signify that she is not to dirty her hands or lift a finger.” Men take note 🙂

Brides also wear gloves for an extra bit of elegance and as a statement of style. Personally I’ve never been a huge fan but I certainly have been swayed by Gloves by Jana. Her lace gloves are so beautiful and classy and would certainly add another element to a wedding outfit without taking away from the dress itself.

Whether you want a glove to just cover your wrists….

il_570xN.471897901_bw9o il_570xN.483489517_ji9m

Or to cover a little more of your arm…..



Or maybe even a subtle colour which would look stunning against an off white dress…..


il_570xN.500086495_jotb il_570xN.509717796_t24h


Or maybe you want a pop of colour, or to make a statement?




Gloves by Jana has a plethora of gloves for you to consider.

If you want any more advice or you have any questions, please do get in touch.

Jo xx

Wedding Shoes – By Beautiful Moment

Wedding shoes are a personal but extremely important part of the wedding outfit and there are many options you can have:

  • A classic low heels which matches your dress OR
  • A pair of diamonte Louboutin’s (you knows that’s every girls dream!) OR
  • Colour co-ordinated shoes with the groomsmen OR
  • Pink/Green/Purple/Black etc whatever is your favourite colour

Whatever you choose, it’s about what you want and gives you another opportunity to show an extra bit of personality.

If you want to try something a little different or personal check out Beautiful Moment. I was blown away by this idea, if you want to put a personal and creative stamp on your shoes you must check them out.

You can keep it very subtle and classic, with ivory on ivory, to create a subtle design.

ivory on ivory hand painted shoes

Or you can go full out and add designs and wording in various colours. It looks like you can pretty much ask for anything! Just supply the shoes and tell them what you want and they will do the rest. cinderella shoes beautiful moment art photo1photo (74)

Another option is to have writing on the soles of your shoes. Maybe it’s an inscription of a poem, saying or a line from your vows?


If you are not sure whether you want your wedding shoes to be personalised why not consider getting some dancing flat shoes for the evening??

dancing shoes by david turner phography

You don’t necessarily need to get it done for the writing maybe you have a wedding dress that needs a specific colouring or design, you just buy the shoe and they will do the rest.

black lace shoes by beautiful moment

And it’s not just for the women, have a look at the men’s shoes too. They can be personalised on the soles too.

photo (76)


I haven’t seen this done before but I know I will definitely be suggesting this to clients in the future 🙂

If you need any more help or advice on anything just pop me a message.

Jo xx