How to choose the right wedding hairstyle for you

There are several factors which can influence your wedding hairstyle: your venue, theme, whether you are wearing a veil, headpiece etc, but right from the basic’s it’s good to understand what style actually suits your face shape.

So what is my face shape?

Using the chat below by Chic Factor Gazette you can you work out what face shape you are and I’ll run through some of the beautiful styles that work with that shape.

What's my face shape

I’m Blake Lively…I only wish I had her actual face, body and husband!!

Heart Shaped Faces

If you have a heart shaped face your slightly pointed chin is a focal point of your face, just like Renee Zellweger.

heart shaped face

What works:

For your face it’s a good idea to have a side fringe and ensure you have volume above the cheekbones. This will ensure everyone looks directly at your eyes and cheekbones.

Try to avoid: 

  • Any very slicked back hairstyles
  • When creating volume, don’t focus it on the crown as it will draw focus to your jaw line.

Square Shaped Faces

Lucky you, you have a face like Angelina Jolie!

square shaped face

What works:

Your bridal hair can be left down or put up, but if up, make sure that it is soft and curly with some pieces coming down at the front to balance the jawline. Or if you are leaving it down, it’s not poker straight, and is curly and soft.

You are one of the few face shapes that can pull off a fairly typical half up wedding hairstyle.

What to avoid:

  • Any style which pull your hair back without any hair touching your face.

Round Shaped Faces

You have a classic round face like Kirsten Dunst, which means the width of your cheekbones is about the same as the length of your face.

Kirsten Dunst

What works:

Similar to the square shaped face, keep your hair down with your hair longer that your chin and have long layers. Side fringes work as well.

If you are luck to have a natural wave in your hair, make sure you take advantage of it. Gentle waves around the face take away from the roundness of your face.

What to avoid:

  • As with the square face, avoid any style which pull your hair back without any hair touching your face.
  • Be careful not to add width around the sides of your face as it will make your face look wider than normal.
  • Poker straight fringe will only make your face seem even shorter.

Diamond Shaped Faces

If you have a diamond shaped face the widest part of your face is the cheek bone area and the smallest parts are the forehead and chin, just like Scarlett Johansson.

Scarlett Johanssen

What works:

You are able to pull of more angular styles and hair off your face works wonderfully for you.

What to avoid:

  • It’s important to keep any of your volume at the smallest parts.
  • Finger waves don’t work very well for diamond shaped faces.

Oval Shaped Faces

You are one of the lucky ones as your face shape is the easiest to style, just like the beautiful Jessica Alba.

Jessica Alba

What works:

You can have up-hairstyles, with or without curls. You can have it poker straight or pulled off your face entirely, and a fringe will enhance your eyes.

What to avoid:

  • As I said there isn’t much that doesn’t work, but try to not wear too much hair in your face.

I hope this helps. I’d love to see your wedding hairstyles, post them below so we can all coo over how gorgeous you look 🙂

Jo xx


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