Advice for your Wedding Hair and Makeup Trial

Having a hair and makeup trial is essential to your wedding preparation. Do not just rely on the fact that you may know someone well, or use them regularly, because your wedding is a very different ‘event’ and your hair and makeup needs to suit your dress, venue and theme.

In most cases it is reasonable to have the trial 3-4 weeks before the wedding.

If you are slightly concerned about the person, or are still deciding between several people, I recommend that you schedule in the trial as soon as possible so there is enough time to find someone else.

How much and how long should the trial be?

Wedding Hair

The average cost for a trial run is about £150 and the H&M artist should dedicate at least 3 hours to you on that day.

Should I bring anything with me to the trial?

Make sure to research images of the look you’re after and have pictures of your wedding dress and any other accessories you’ll be wearing to show at the practice run.

Even though you will be armed with loads of pictures you’ve been collecting, always ask the professional their opinion, they can look at your face shape and hair type and make some valid suggestions.

Final piece of advice…

Be ready to try a few different looks. You maybe really surprised and end up with something you love that you never thought you’d go for… just like a wedding dress!

Most important thing to remember is to have a realistic expectations of how you’d like to look.

Carlos Palma


3 thoughts on “Advice for your Wedding Hair and Makeup Trial

    • Oh Rick, I’m sure it was frantic! A graduation is so similar to a wedding, such a special day in a girls life. I bet she looked beautiful though, thanks for sharing x

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