Balloons at a Wedding?

It’s been a running joke between me and my OH with regards to balloons at weddings. Asked what he thinks is a normal decoration at a wedding, the first thing he would say is balloons….!?

I haven’t tested this with any other guys….maybe they all think the same… but ask any girl whether they are thinking of including balloons in their wedding, I’m pretty sure their answer would be…NO!

Well today I completely eat my words! I came across an absolutely stunning wedding on Love My Dress where the couple had used really big balloons as part of their table decorations, and for their photographers.

I love the colours they chose, so soft and pretty and they integrated them into their wedding so perfectly.

6a0120a65f64b9970c01a3fc285b70970b 6a0120a65f64b9970c01a510d7da5c970c 6a0120a65f64b9970c019b04b4c449970d

Photography Copyright (c) 2014, Cotton Candy Weddings

So I take it all back, balloons can absolutely work… if used cleverly… Don’t tell my OH I said that though 😉

If you love these balloons as much as I do, you can get them very reasonably at Eagle Eyed Bride

Happy Tuesday everyone

Jo xx


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