Newly Engaged?

Happy New Year to all my lovely readers, I hope you had a fabulous Christmas and New Year and a huge CONGRATULATIONS to anyone that got engaged over the festive period! What a magical time it must have been for you!

You must be wondering, what now?! But don’t panic, unless you are on Don’t Tell The Bride, you have time 🙂 But it is really important to note that if you want a particular date, church or venue, look into that asap so not to be disappointed. Word of warning, if you do have a particular date in mind, check what’s happening on that date…. I nearly booked mine on the World Cup Final… that would have been a major FAIL with my guests!!

Also, wedding dress, some designers require a 6 month lead time to make your dress, and the seamstress will want it at least 6 weeks prior to your wedding. So factor that in. Otherwise you may end up having to pay a rush fee, which on top of the cost of a wedding dress, isn’t ideal.

Apart from that, unless you have your heart set on a particular photographer, band, entertainer etc you don’t have to panic. Saying that the sooner things are booked, the easier it is to budget and you can focus on the fun stuff, like how the day will run, decorations, etc. But don’t rush your decision, do the research, and be true to yourself. We nearly booked a photographer because of the price…. that shouldn’t be your overriding decision. Take the time, do the research and go with your heart.

I’m so excited for you all!!

Just to get you a little excited about what you’re about to experience, check out some images below to start your creative juices flowing 🙂


11fcade0b40d87cf36828710f50dcb41il_570xN.436345733_e4yn794f6aa5b31591c6e04946b3cb18930b1732baf5933c11646a39c949030e8d4bbeached0702cb0906e05445b4dac1e981b7e0 cinderella shoes6a0120a65f64b9970c019b0179718e970dCountry-Garden-Church-Wedding-Vintage-Lily-Sawyer-Photography-Cotswolds-Friars-Court-Wedding-Ideas-BeforetheBigDay-Wedding-Blog_0037

If you have any questions at all, pop me a message or just have a browse through my posts for inspiration.

Love Jo x


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