Winter Wedding Cover Ups

Winter is well and truly here and that also mean it’s time for Winter Weddings.

A Winter wedding can be so magical, especially if you are lucky enough to have snow! But the biggest problem with Winter Weddings, is how to stay warm!! I’ve given you some ideas below for cover ups, which are focused on the bride and bridesmaids as they are usually the ones in the flesh flashing dresses but you could absolutely use these ideas if you are a guest.

Fake Fur Shawl

Coordinating your bridesmaid dresses with the shawls look beautiful, especially against the white of the bride.




Ruffled Blog

Don’t forget the boots if you are in the snow!!

Knitted Shawl

You don’t always have to have to wear fur (fake), this beautiful knitted shawl with matching gloves can look really classy. Matching them against your wedding colours and bouquet really ties it altogether beautifully.




Some brides may want a full jacket to use in between venues, rather than an accessory whilst getting married.


My Stylish Dream





A Bolero is a classy alternative to a jacket, but covers enough to keep you warm. They can come as full or half sleeves, as well as in various material, as well as lace.



I’ve put together a selection of available cover ups on the market now.

image1xl  image1xl (1)



Dollface Vintage Soul – £26



Alex Bridal – £44



Vladana – £56


Alisa Benay – £188

I hope this has given you some food for thought for your upcoming Winter wedding or for a wedding you are attending.

If you need any other help, just pop me a message.

Jo xx


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