Wedding Gloves – Gloves by Jana

Gloves use to be everyday wear for women, especially to church and weddings but modern day women have moved away from them but there are still brides continuing the tradition.

I love this statement:

“When a woman marries, she is special that day, a princess with privileges. One of the privileges of princesses is to be free from hard labour and using her hands. The gloves signify that she is not to dirty her hands or lift a finger.” Men take note 🙂

Brides also wear gloves for an extra bit of elegance and as a statement of style. Personally I’ve never been a huge fan but I certainly have been swayed by Gloves by Jana. Her lace gloves are so beautiful and classy and would certainly add another element to a wedding outfit without taking away from the dress itself.

Whether you want a glove to just cover your wrists….

il_570xN.471897901_bw9o il_570xN.483489517_ji9m

Or to cover a little more of your arm…..



Or maybe even a subtle colour which would look stunning against an off white dress…..


il_570xN.500086495_jotb il_570xN.509717796_t24h


Or maybe you want a pop of colour, or to make a statement?




Gloves by Jana has a plethora of gloves for you to consider.

If you want any more advice or you have any questions, please do get in touch.

Jo xx


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