Wedding Shoes – By Beautiful Moment

Wedding shoes are a personal but extremely important part of the wedding outfit and there are many options you can have:

  • A classic low heels which matches your dress OR
  • A pair of diamonte Louboutin’s (you knows that’s every girls dream!) OR
  • Colour co-ordinated shoes with the groomsmen OR
  • Pink/Green/Purple/Black etc whatever is your favourite colour

Whatever you choose, it’s about what you want and gives you another opportunity to show an extra bit of personality.

If you want to try something a little different or personal check out Beautiful Moment. I was blown away by this idea, if you want to put a personal and creative stamp on your shoes you must check them out.

You can keep it very subtle and classic, with ivory on ivory, to create a subtle design.

ivory on ivory hand painted shoes

Or you can go full out and add designs and wording in various colours. It looks like you can pretty much ask for anything! Just supply the shoes and tell them what you want and they will do the rest. cinderella shoes beautiful moment art photo1photo (74)

Another option is to have writing on the soles of your shoes. Maybe it’s an inscription of a poem, saying or a line from your vows?


If you are not sure whether you want your wedding shoes to be personalised why not consider getting some dancing flat shoes for the evening??

dancing shoes by david turner phography

You don’t necessarily need to get it done for the writing maybe you have a wedding dress that needs a specific colouring or design, you just buy the shoe and they will do the rest.

black lace shoes by beautiful moment

And it’s not just for the women, have a look at the men’s shoes too. They can be personalised on the soles too.

photo (76)


I haven’t seen this done before but I know I will definitely be suggesting this to clients in the future 🙂

If you need any more help or advice on anything just pop me a message.

Jo xx


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