Wedding Flower Options

Traditionally the bride will carry a bouquet of flowers that match her colour theme. Her bouquet will be slightly bigger than her bridesmaids and the groom and groomsmen will wear the same flowers as a buttonhole.


Rustic Wedding even shows you how to make your own!

This can look absolutely beautiful and certainly wouldn’t knock this at all, but I’ve given you some other options to consider

Rather than carry flowers have a crown of flowers.



Pin your grandmother jewellery to your bouquet to make it more personal, or create the whole bouquet out of vintage brooches.

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Angel Eyes

Why not try branches, or leaves? I know it sounds odd but some can look beautiful, and could very much suit an outdoor theme. Look at the below Olive Branches and how ethereal they look!


Everly True

And if you want to be really alternative why not try:



Just Imagine


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Newspaper – Maybe if you are a journalist or work for a Newspaper this would be a quirky alternative?


Buzz Feed

Sea Shells – Having it by the sea, or live by the sea?


Colin Cowie

Really the world is your oyster in what you want to create. Just remember to be careful with the bouquets. The flowers pollen can stain your dress, as can the sweets if they melt, newspaper can rub off against your white dress!

If you want more ideas, pop along to my Pinterest page, or for any further questions, please drop me a message.

Jo xx


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