Choosing a Wedding Venue Part 2

Once you’ve managed to sift through the huge number of venues available and whittled them down to a selected few, it’s time to visit each venue.

If you are getting married in a church or registry office, it’s a good idea to drive from there to each of the venue’s at the desired time to get a feel of the distance and traffic.

Once you get to the venue, you want to ensure that as we discussed before that they have ample parking if guests are driving, alternatively there is space to drop everyone off at the door. Do you have to cross grass or anywhere muddy that you may have to put a cover over?

Try to imagine yourself as a guest and do a walk through of where you anticipate everyone being, check for:

On Arrival

  • Where they would place presents?
  • Is there storage for their coats/hats/bags/umbrellas?
  • Does it flow nicely to the drinks reception so there isn’t a bottle neck?

Drinks Reception

  • Where would the drinks reception be held?
  • Is there enough space?
  • Is there appropriate amounts of seating?
  • Where are the toilets? Is there disabled access?
  • Is it outside? Is there a wet weather contingency?
  • Is there a bar area or will one have to be ‘created’?

Wedding Breakfast Room

  • What’s the layout like? How will the tables need to be laid out?
  • Will everyone be able to see the top table and speeches?
  • Will everyone be able to hear the speeches, a mic may be needed.
  • What’s the ambience and lighting like?
  • Is it appropriate for you theme?
  • Is there enough space but not too much?
  • Can you get air into the room or keep it warm enough?
  • Will you be having any entertainment? Is there enough space/ electrical sockets for them?
  • Will you need additional decorations/lighting to what you had anticipated?
  • Where will the catering and bar area be served from?
  • If you are having a buffet, or a sweet area, is there enough space (remember queues)
  • Where will you have the cake and cut it?

Into the Evening

  • Will the Wedding Breakfast room be turned into the ‘Disco’ Room? If so where will the guests convene in the interim?
  • Check that there is appropriate technical capabilities for all evening entertainment, as well as space and if outside a cover for them.
  • Is there a quieter area for those that don’t want to dance to sit, relax, chat?
  • Where will you put your wedding book?
  • Where will you put any other entertainment e.g. photo booth
  • What time does the evening have to finish?
  • Does the venue have any restrictions with regards to noise levels, entertainment you may have e.g. fireworks, lanterns?
  • If having an evening buffet, canapés, where will they be served?
  • Where will the bar be?

Some venues may not have all of the appropriate facilities, equipment and utensils as they are not set up for weddings so you need to check the following in case you need to hire them or additional.

  • Lighting
  • Bathrooms
  • Cleanliness and neatness of the premises and its employees
  • Ambience
  • Hygiene of food service
  • Odours
  • Emergency exits
  • Parking for guests
  • Décor
  • Number of waiters per diner
  • Courtesy of the staff
  • If guests will be outside, is there a covered area for rain?

If a venue doesn’t have everything you want, or anticipated, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have your wedding there, it just means you need to work around what they have.

I hope this has helped, if you need any more info or guidance please do feel free to drop me a message.

Jo xx



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