Checklist to Ensure you Don’t Miss the Hidden Charges

Once you have found your perfect venue, you want to ensure you don’t get tripped up down the line on hidden charges.

See below some top questions to ask and get clarification on before you sign anything….. Don’t forget you can negotiate, especially if you are planning your wedding off season.

  • Do they allow you to bring your own alcohol? If so, how much is corkage and does it work out cheaper?
  • Does the price quoted include VAT?
  • Are there any extra staff costs? At what point would they need to bring in more staff which is chargeable e.g. Number of guests increase/ require someone to manage the cloakroom etc.
  • Is there a minimum headcount or charge per person?
  • Is the cloakroom free?
  • Are there extra costs for lighting?
  • Is there a marquee hire charge?
  • Is service included in the price quoted?
  • Is there a charge for tables, crockery, glasses, linen or chairs?
  • Is the venue exclusively yours or will there be other weddings/events there on the same day?
  • If there is accommodation, do they give reduced room rates for guests?
  • If there are local hotels/ B&B do they have preferential rates for guests?

Good luck, and if you need any help at all, please do pop me a message.

Jo xx


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