Choosing a Wedding Venue Part 1

When starting the search for the perfect venue for your wedding/reception it’s very important to consider a few things first:


  • Does the venue suit your theme? E.g. Castle vs Country House


  • Does the venue have the required facilities for the type of wedding you imagine e.g Does it have a garden for an outside wedding?
  • If you are having part of your wedding outside? Is there a contingency for wet weather?


Some people will get married and have the reception in the same venue, but if you are having 2 separate venues you will need to take into account the distance between each venue.

  • Consider providing transport between venues if it’s a diving distance away. You could put on a coach, red London bus, a fleet of cars or taxi’s?
  • If the guests will be driving themselves is there ample parking at the venue?
  • Be realistic, how far away are the venues and what will the traffic be like? You don’t want the rest of your day delayed because you or your guests are stuck in traffic.
  • Is it walking distance? Remember women in heels! Also, consider the time of year, will it be snowy or wet? Do you need to provide umbrellas to the guests, should they bring wellies…?


  • Is there accommodation at the venue or close to the venue that your guests can stay at? Check availability before you book anything.
  • Look at the rooms and ensure they are up to standard and you have enough.
  • See if you can get the rooms in the wedding package, and/or any discounts on local accommodation.

Once you have whittled your venues down to about 3 or 4 it’s then worthwhile visiting each of the venues and taking with you the checklist of items in Part 2.


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