10 Fun Ideas For Your Engagement Party

Most engagement parties follow the same sort of structure of hiring a venue or area where your friends and family can come together to celebrate your fantastic news. So I thought I’d give you some fun ideas to make your party not just the norm:

1) Theme your party

Secretly everyone loves to dress up, whatever they say. I’m a little bit in love with the 1920’s Great Gatsby era. The men look sexy and stylish in their suits and the women can’t fail to look stunning in the clothes and accessories, and it’s so much fun to dress up.  1920

The Vintage Fern eHow

Invitations | Pearls in a glass | Signs | Gramophone | Black sheet, gold tinsel, black balloons,Great Gatsby theme photo booth

2) Film Buff Why not hold a private screening of your favourite film, followed by creating a montage of your life so far with your partner and drinks. This could be done at your local cinema (venue dependant) or even at your own home. Hire a projector and screen and you have a ready made cinema in your house!


Party City Oh So Beautiful Paper

3) Have it at your home

You have the freedom to make it as romantic, homely and beautiful as your want without the restraints of a venue. Home

Vintage themed | Shabby Chic | Romantic | High Tea

Catch My Party

4) Somewhere special to you

Choosing a location for your party doesn’t have to be a building, why not choose somewhere which is meaningful to you? Maybe that’s on a beach, in woods, on a field or maybe even a cave!


5) Change the time of day

Having an engagement party or any party for that matter, doesn’t necessary mean you have to have it at night. Why not change it up and arrange a Breakfast or Brunch with your friends and family. You can go to town on the quirky, fun ways to decorate and feed everyone!


Fiesta Resistance

6) Wine Connoisseur? How about holding your party at a Winery or go Wine Tasting? You can send your invitation on a cork, provide cheese, parma ham etc to nibble on whilst sampling the wine, have your guests sat on barrels, and send them off home with a bottle of wine with the invitation of your upcoming wedding on it.


7) Sports Fanatics

To go down this route, I would hope you are BOTH sport fanatics as one party maybe a little less enthralled by finding their engagement party embroiled in sports memorabilia! If you are, you can go to town! You could create an invitation on a sports ticket, or write it on a baseball/mini football etc. Get everyone to dress up in the kit, create cupcakes with a ref whistle, all food can be sports related, drinks could be in your team colours, decorations could be sports memorabilia.


Exquisite Weddings 

8) Paint Party

How about holding a paint party? Give everyone a canvas and ask them to paint a picture of what they believe depicts you as a couple. Or get one huge canvas and get each person to throw pain onto it to create one huge abstract print which you can put in your house. Want to take it to the next level? Give everyone a body suit, and have one huge paint party.


Hostess with the Mostess


9) Sweets and Chocolate

Love sweets and chocolates? You can go to town with this theme:

  • Sweet invitations – love hearts spelling out the invites
  • Chocolate fountain
  • Sweet carts with your favourite sweets
  • Decorate your own cupcakes
  • Crepe station
  • Milkshake corner
  • Lollipop cupcakes
  • etc


Elegant Wedding Supplies ExpressionNMore Occasions Chocolate Fountain


10) Online Party

This can be incorporated into any part of your party, and is perfect for those relatives that can’t get there, or friends and family abroad.

Hook up a laptop, ipad or similar and stream your party through Skype. I’ve seen a few people do this for those abroad and it’s worked amazingly. Especially with an ipad as they can be moved around different parts of the party, and get really feel like they are there celebrating with you.

I hope this has given you some inspiration and all of the above suggestions can be used for any party or your wedding.

Jo x


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