Wedding Budgeting Tips


Paying for a wedding is not a walk in the park, and is one of the most expensive things that you will need to pay for in your lives.

I’ve put together some handy tips for you to help you through this process:


  • Budget early! The early you start to budget for your wedding, the more you will accumulate…. don’t forget the honeymoon!
  • Are you getting money from a relative? Has this been determined? Before you can start planning anything, you need to find out if this is a possibility and how much you will be getting. Some people may not need to save any additional money to what is provided by a relative/s.
  • Are you saving yourself? If so, what do you have, and what would you like?
  • Set realistic expectations and ensure you give yourself a 10/15% buffer.
  • Whatever you do, don’t be pressured to conform, spend what is right for you and just make it personal. These are usually the best weddings anyway!
  • Look at all your fixed payments and then at those which could be given up, subscriptions, meals out, nights out. Start to cut back and set up a standing order each month.
  • Set up joint wedding account to ensure you are both don’t spend the money you are saving.
  • Prioritise what is more important and ensure you have the money for that first e.g Honeymoon, Photographer, Videographer. Leave those bits that you can live without, or you could make yourself to the end as a ‘nice to have’ if there is money left over.
  • If borrowing from a bank never borrow more than you can pay back in a year!

Where Can You Save Money?

  • Hire don’t buy!
  • Compare, compare, compare. I’m not saying go for the dirt cheap supplier, but do your research. Find reviews, speak to people, find the most reasonable supplier, with the best reputation.
  • Negotiate. You will find quite a few companies will come down on their first initial quote, or will throw in an extra.
  • Hire a planner! Most brides think that they cost the earth, but we save you time, money and stress as well as working with you to make your wedding day unique and ensure that it’s about what you want rather than what your family think you should have!
  • Have your wedding off season (outside of June-September, and Christmas and Valentines)
  • Have a mid week or Sunday wedding.
  • See what friends, and family have, veil, tiara, shoes etc
  • Ebay has some great finds, go searching for cake stands, champagne flutes etc.
  • Avoid the ‘w’ words! As soon as you mention wedding prices seem to double, call it a celebration or a party.
  • Honeymoon gift list will save you money. Ask for them to pay for certain activities so they feel part of your honeymoon too.
  • Workshop hen dos can create things for the wedding, make stationary, flower arranging, favour making?
  • Use your friends talents. If they can make things, make up, hair, photography?
  • Instead of expensive gifts for the bridesmaids etc why not buy lovely food and wine and host a dinner party afterwards?

The list goes on and I will follow up on various items on upcoming blogs but one last tips: use Martin Lewis free budget planner

Jo x


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